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Which Copper Cookware is the Best and Why?

Copper is the first metal humans worked with. So it’s no wonder that Copper cookware is the workhorse of the kitchen.

Coppers heat up fast and cool down more quickly. So it gives the chef more control over cooking temperature than they would have if they worked with other cookware. Copper cookware is a must in any kitchen!

Copper cookware not only gives chefs control over the temperature but it’s also good for one’s health. Cooking in copper cookware can help you lose weight. It is good for your digestive system and has anti-bacterial properties.

The most recommended copper cookware sets of 2019 are the CONCORD Copper Cookware.

Copper Cookware A-Z

To choose the best, one has to know about the features! Copper cookware provides great heat transmission and proper adaptation to temperature changes. This is the main reason why copper cookware is so popular among professional and home chefs. The shiny brownish color of the cookware also catches the eye.

The only disadvantage here is that this type of cookware requires a lot of maintenance. Another drawback of the copper cookware is its price range. The CONCORD Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware costs about $81, compared to the regular cook wares which generally require about $18-$45, the copper cookware is very expensive.

What To Look For?

While buying copper cookware, there are so many aspects to look for. Everything has its pros and cons. The pros of copper cookware mostly outweigh the cons. The following things must be checked while making a copper cookware purchase.

Shiny And Bright Exterior

Copper is a shiny metal in general. So for copper cookware, being shiny is essential. If copper cookware isn’t reflecting light brightly, it is not of very good quality. The copper cover must look luxurious and rich.

The work put into building a copper utensil can be seen in its shine. Durable copper cookware has gone through processes that result in the shine of the metal. A shabby looking metal is not a reliable or durable one. Also, the shabbiness of metals does not look anywhere; not even on kitchen utensils.

Durability And Reliability

To know if copper cookware is durable or not, at first you have to examine the shine of the copper. If the copper metal is not shiny, the metal is not well made. When a metal goes through heating and polishing; it smoothes out and gives a nice shine!

So a copperware is durable or not can be known from its shine. Also, going through internet reviews helps to get a good idea about different company’s copperware. The copperware itself must be good looking and well made. Check the screws, the handle, and the bottom, everything of the utensil.

One cannot get a good idea unless they use the copperware, but these things help measure durability. Reliability mostly depends on the company. Always buy copperware from a reputed company.

Set Price And Size

The CONCORD  Cookware has 8 pieces of kitchen utensils all made of copper. It costs about $81. Considering the set and the price is essential. If it were one piece, obviously such a high price wouldn’t have been reasonable.

Always check the price and the number of utensils provided in the set while buying a copperware. Compare with other sets and make your decision wisely! 

Why Use Copper Cookware?

Well, the copper cookware are not just good conductors and shiny, they come with different kind of benefits. Though all the copper cookware doesn’t offer these benefits, you will know which ones are best for you soon, just keep reading!

Cooking Benefits

As copper heats fats and cools down fats too, they are handy for cooking delicate proteins like seafood and fish. The copper cookware is for the fast goers; it works fast and keeps the flavor in!

Copper cookware are also amazing for cooking sauces like caramel, chocolate, tomato sauce, etc.  Remove copper cookware from heat while cooking a delicate sauce, and as the temperature drops quickly, the sauce doesn’t get overcooked.

Health Benefits

Copper is known to lose weight. Many South Asian countries have a tradition of eating in copper plates to preserve their health. Copper has antibacterial property and does not contaminate germs easily. 

The Best

Throughout this article, The CONCORD Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware has been called the best so far. But there are other popular and useful copper cookware too. Copper Chef Frying Pan set is a three-piece set from the company of Copper Chef.

It includes an 8-inch frying pan, a 12-inch frying pan, and 10-inch frying pan. Square pans are gaining popularity these days because of their aesthetics and as they are easy to use. The BulbHead Red Copper 10 inch square pan is one of them. This thing is nice to look at, easy to work with and made of copper!

Copperware can be of different types; Jam pot is one of those types. The Mauviel M’passion 11-Quart Copper Jam Pan is one of the most popular jam pots. The jam pots are used to make jellies and jams or sauces in large batches. Based on your needs, you should choose the best copperware for your home!

Why Best?

The copper mentioned above wares were selected the best by its users because of their consistency with the service. Copper wares are one of the rare utensils that last. They were selected best in 2019 and are highly appreciated among world-class chefs. For a restaurant or home, this copperware is an absolute asset.


Copperwares do ensure your health is well, and your food tastes good, but you have to be careful while buying it. Copperware is an investment, and that investment should benefit your home and you too. There are many types, research a bit and choose what your kitchen needs. Have a happy kitchen!

How to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

After searching and searching for hours how you are going to make your kitchen like those pictures pinned in your Pinterest board, you landed on this website. It means that your kitchen is one of the favorite places and you want to design it up to mark.

But the thing is you don’t have the budget to do so. Do you know that you can easily have those sophisticated-neat kitchens just applying some tricks?

It will be within your budget and affordable.

Remember renovating your kitchen does not mean that you have to rip out cabinets, replacing the cookware with an expensive one. It is quite different. It depends on your perception and ability to make it beautiful and accessible within your budget. So, let’s try these tricks out.

Steps to Get Your Dream Kitchen

Start With Small Changes

Longing for pretty backdrop or stunning tile?

If you’re not prepared to completely remodel your kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t begin. Start with taking small change, for example, an open wall or the sink backsplash, to begin with, at that point include more as your financial plan permits. You’ll get a major visual result from a little payout.

Cabinets Painting

Painting the walls of any room will give a new makeover to the rooms. As you know getting new cabinets is very costly, you can paint the cabinets will save you from that. It will add a look to your kitchen.


Changing the lighting of the kitchen or any room sometimes changes the whole look of the room. Swapping the bulky-old light to new decorative lights will give a fresh look. Nowadays bright colors are quite trendy.

You can use different red, yellow, teal, white, etc. color lights. They are trendy and fun to light up your kitchen.


It is an easy job as you can do it by yourself. Whatever you are thinking that you have to bring a plumber to the whole thing. It does not need any plumbing adjustments. You know stainless steel is the most popular. Moen Motionsense touchless faucet is a noteworthy one you are looking for any suggestion.


You can change the knobs of the kitchen cabinets. There are various types of knobs you can find in the store. They are pretty cheap. You can easily buy them and add a nice look to your kitchen.


While remodeling the kitchen changing the countertops is required into an upscale one. You can simply buy those, but they are expensive to buy mostly. While going to buy the countertops if you look at the local store which gives a discount, you can buy them at a cheap rate.

In many home improvement stores or granite shop, you will find granite countertops at a discount rate. Or, instead of granite countertops, you can buy resin. Using resin on the existing concrete or laminate countertops will be cheaper and easier.

You can also replace your countertops with wooden butchers’ block. It is much cheaper and will age gracefully. You can also match the look by wooden wine and dish rack.

The proper countertops for your kitchen rely upon your current cabinetry, spending plan, style so you can save by keeping your mind open to various materials, adjusting them up by yourself and price.

And also, you may likewise save extra money in case you’re willing to replace your old countertops by yourself if you oppose paying an installer to do the work.


Changing the hardware is one of the easy ways to update your kitchen. It will add up a huge difference to the decorations though it is a small change.

With this small investment, you can change them within a day. You can also pair up with painting the cupboards for a simple change or big change. You can leave out the cabinets if you don’t want them to change.

Sitting Arrangement

Sitting arrangement is another way of making your kitchen look more inviting. Kitchen with bar stool area is a nice way to update your kitchen. If you already have this arrangement, you can always replace them with fresh pieces.

You can go for stools without the back part. You can find various styles of stools in the market. You can always buy depending on your taste, space, and size.


You can play with the arrangement of the appliances. Moving the appliances in the kitchen here and there and set them according to your decorations will bring a new look to your kitchen. If you think that your fridge is too bright colored, you can always dye it to something soft or different color.

By sticking, stickers and magnetic stickers on the fridge will change it looks. You can opt for a red mixer or cobalt toaster depending on your taste. Appliances are like jewelry of kitchen. If you can put them in the right place, your kitchen will eventually be updated.


It is pretty comfortable and nice to look at if you have a flush rug under your feet. Spreading a rug in front of your sink. Or, you can easily hide the ugly flooring with the rug. You can even carpet the whole kitchen. It will make your kitchen look nice and cute unless you spill anything on them.

Big Changes

If you think you don’t want to change a small thing but more, you can take go with these tricks.


Experimenting with wood will add a woody texture to your kitchen. If you are a fan of wooden texture, then replacing the cabinets, countertop with wooden one will make it sophisticated. Wood materials with a great deal of texture and character are best for the recolored, increasingly natural look.

Birch, oak walnut, cherry, and Brazilian cherry are additionally great choices. Recolored wood cupboards have extraordinary examples and wood grains, so every kitchen will look somewhat changed, regardless of whether the cupboard textures are the equivalent.


The most effective method to improve your kitchen without renovating. Your kitchen backsplash has old tiles, or it has no tiles. You might think of adding a backsplash to your kitchen or replacing it.

You can simply complete with some kind of marble or a straightforward white tram tile or tumbled stone or a glass backsplash. A significant number of these tiles are mosaics that are on coincided sheets, so they are somewhat simple to introduce.

Other Items

Apart from all these, you can update your kitchen by dangling trinkets here and there in your kitchen. You can even color your kitchen. Dangling pot of plants by the window of your kitchen may add a natural look. Beside the sink, you can plant small tomato or rosemary plants.

It will be easier for you whenever you are doing to cook anything you may use them without going out. Wanting to change the kitchen to something is a certain something, yet paying for another one is an extraordinary creature.

You may overdo it to get your fantasy kitchen; there are a lot of basic updates you can make instead of an undeniable renovating work. Spending thousands of dollars or more for a remodeled kitchen could mean working more than you arranged, taking fewer excursions, or having littler savings for retirement.


I hope these tricks will help you to update your kitchen without fully remodeling it.  Everybody’s kitchen is different from others, and so do their budget. By maintaining a few tricks won’t make a big difference going beyond your ability.

What’s a Nontoxic Cookware and Why Should You Care?

Nowadays, people are very conscious about the kind of food that enters their body. They carefully choose what or what not to eat to avoid toxins or anything that can harm their body. But what about the containers in which you keep your food?

No matter how healthy your food is, if your cookware is unhealthy, your food cannot be healthy. And there are several materials within the cookware that can be toxic for you. For example, some of the popularly used non-stick cookware contains chemicals that can cause different health problems.

This is where nontoxic cookware comes in. Nontoxic cookware is your alternative for all cookware concerns you have. This article will discuss what exactly a nontoxic cookware is, why it is important and some of the best nontoxic cookware to own and use.

What is a Nontoxic Cookware?

It is as the name suggests. Nontoxic cookware is free from any harmful chemicals such as Teflon, phthalates, BPA, and bits of plastic, which are elements found in different non-stick, plastic, copper, clay cookware and more.

Why It Is Important

People have the impression that the more expensive cookware is, the more healthy it will be. But that is not the case. The most commonly used one is the nonstick pots. Such pots can be quite convenient to use, but they contain a chemical called PFOA and C8.

Scientists have revealed that this chemical is non-biodegradable and very bad for the human body. Studies on animals using this particular chemical caused different health risks including cancer. Not only that, but this chemical exposure also affects the liver as well as growth and reproduction capacities in animals.

This is just one example of how harmful cookware can be. Aluminum cookware reacts highly to heat and leaches into food easily. Metal bakeware also has this problem. Silicone cookware is deemed safe, but they have been known to contaminate food as well.

Some of the health concerns that have been linked to such toxic cookware are:

1. Stunted Growth

The chemical PFOA has had instances of causing delays in the growth of children. Different studies have shown that mothers who use cookware containing High levels of PFOS and PFOA have a higher content of these chemicals in their blood. As a result, their children are found to be slow in overall development.

2. Cholesterol Level

Cookware chemicals have been linked to leading to high levels of cholesterol in the blood. A study in Ohio revealed that the higher the amount of PFOA and PFOS there is in your blood, the more likely it is for you to have higher cholesterol, especially LDL or the bad cholesterol.

3. Neurotoxicity

Aluminum cookware is good at heat conduction, but their exposure to heat or acids can cause leaching easily. Research has shown that frequently using acidic food in pots made of aluminum can lead to exposing high levels of aluminum into your food. And aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Scientific studies show that high aluminum can cause neurotoxicity in the form of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. So, any aluminum cookware including metal bakeware, enamel skillets of cast iron, anodized aluminum nonstick pans, etc. are known to leach aluminum in the same way.

4. Thyroid, Liver And Immune System Problems

PFOA and PFOS like chemicals do not only cause developmental problems, but it can also cause problems to thyroid, liver and overall immunity of your body. Perfluorochemicals can cause a rise in hormone levels of your thyroid and inflame liver. His can cause you to have a weaker immune system. 

5. Allergies

Nonstick pans have been proven to produce flames that can be toxic. Such flames can lead to allergic reactions as well as flu-like symptoms for people who use these pans.     

6. Cancer

This might seem like a stretch, but Scientists have found a link between PFOA and occurrence of cancer. Just like the studies on animals, it is found that PFOA can cause tumors in different body parts such as pancreas, breasts, liver and more. All because of exposure to harmful cookware.

What is the Right Cookware?

To get the right cookware that will not be harmful to you, it is important first to figure out what needs you want to serve with the cookware.

And knowing what materials make up cookware helps to know what benefits you can get out of them. In this way, you can determine whether the cookware is safe for you and whether or not it is toxic.

Most families mostly use stainless steel pots or cast iron pans as well as nonstick pans. While nontoxic cookware, on the other hand, can be a little less convenient to use, health concerns should be the biggest priority. All you have to do is learn how exactly to care for them, and you’re good to go.

Nontoxic pans are great not only because they are safe, but also are very durable. Such pans have been complimented on how well it cooks food, how easy it is to clean up and, of course, how it does not release any sort of chemicals in food.

Some of the best nontoxic cookware pans are:

Cast Iron

Cast iron pans are a classic because of how it has been used for years and can be very durable. It is indestructible making it impossible to get a scratch. So, you can easily use metal utensils with this while cooking.

It leaches only a little amount of iron into food, which can, in turn, be good for your health. It is also relatively cheap compared to nonstick pans.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots are made of aluminum but covered by a stainless material which saves it from the leaching aluminum. That is why it is easy to cook acidic food on such pots without worrying about any harm. You just have to make sure it does not contain nickel. Otherwise, it might react to the acids.

These pans are great for cooking meat as well as any type of crisping. You can also make sauces using tomato, vinegar, lemon or any type of citric juices by deglazing them. Moreover, this pan is lightweight and convenient to use in high temperatures.

Enameled Cast Iron or Steel

These pans can be expensive but worth it. They are easy to clean and easily conduct heat due to its metal core. Nowadays, you can find enameled cast irons in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are very durable, but its only drawback is that it is susceptible to scratch marks from metal utensils.


Glass cookware can come in different types, such as the ones with ceramic tempering, stovetops as well as Pyrex cookware. These are very durable, nontoxic and safe to use. It does not react to any food or acids. And it is also easy to clean, heat and freezes.


To lead a healthier life, one of the best ways to start is with your cooking and thus, the containers you use to cook. It’s time to throw out all the harmful utensils you have and swap it for a much healthier alternative. This article should help you in determining some of the options you have.

Health Issues with Induction Cooking: Should You Be Worried?

Modern conventional cooking requires an exhaust fan to ease out the heat from the kitchen. Moreover, it also needs a fan that will help distribute the heat from the flame in the pot. This is the sort of cooking method we all grew up watching.

But everyone cooks differently. Everyone has their comfort zones, and everyone is divided between conventional cooking and induction cooking.

But induction cooking is a new version of the cooking stove system is winning the heart and minds of the masses faster than a conventional cooking stove system can boil water.

Why Cooking is Important to Many

The principle of cooking, for a long time, has been cooking in a pot which is put on a hot surface. This is still true today. The only difference is the cookware, the cooking stove and the cooking system.

Not everyone in the world loves to cook. But blessed are those and their families, who do. It is the best feeling ever, to those who understand.

We call ourselves human beings, albeit one with a complex musculoskeletal system. However, for “being” the machine that we humans consider ourselves to be, fuel is needed. In this case, the fulfilment of the need of hunger and hydration.

Thus, in the kitchen, not much is left to chance. It is understandable, since the result of the kitchen ends up into our mouths. However, people do often take chances on cookware.

Since the day man invented fire, man learned to cook slowly. This evolution has brought the conventional norms of cooking on a stove. This method required fire which is powered through gas or electricity. It is more widespread in use currently.

However, soon after, the man made another leap. Cue in: Induction stoves. These bad boys not only heat the whole cookware equally it can also control the concise temperatures and hold them if and when required.

What is Induction Cooking?

The evolved version of modern cooking, induction cooking stove. This is an electrically powered stove that cooks in a more energy efficient way. It is also much less complicated to use than a regular conventional stove.

However, there is much debate on the safety of induction cooking stoves. Could it simply be the conservative mind of the human desperately trying to shut down a new idea? Or could it be a well-researched question?

Are your worries justified? Are you concerned for no reason? This article is going to talk about the health effects of the induction cooking system. Hopefully, your questions will be answered.

How Is Safe the Induction Cooking Stove System Itself?

The constant comparisons, blatant misinformation and common misconceptions, that are circulated within that medium, is both unregulated and disorderly. All this makes for a scary thought and fear to be built up within the minds of the common people. What is the truth?

Cooking in an induction stove means you get to avoid the fire and the hot metal coils. There have been accidents due to leaving clothing on the stove. Incidents directly injuring people have also taken place.

This sort of issues cannot take place through an induction cooking stove. The only way someone can get hurt by this sort of stove is if they turn it on and purposefully put body parts on it. I’m sure you are not negligent enough to let that happen.

Most of the heat from the induction cooking stove system goes directly into the cookware, rather than the kitchen. This result is from an experiment conducted by Consumer Reports on the efficiency of the cooking system.

It is deduced in a survey by “Consumer Reports” that an induction cooking stove is 25%-50% more energy efficient. That means you save that much more money behind utility bills. Moreover, this type of stove offers temperature adjustments and control which a conventional cooking stove never can.

However, during cooking on an induction cooking stove, there have been complaints of a faint humming or vibration from the pot. This usually isn’t a big deal but is on hindsight, an annoyance towards the people in the kitchen. It isn’t a big deal but surely a drawback.

Such simple draw backs have cued in a few questions. Questions regarding the safety and the sobriety are also raised. The main cause of alarm if of radiation poisoning.

Induction cooking stove system requires the generation of electro-magnetic energy around it to generate heat and function as a stove. This has caused people to question the existence of radiation poisoning. It has caused a general fear of the product itself.

What is Radiation Sickness?

Radiation sickness is illness and symptoms resulting from excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. It happens when huge doses of radiation are exposed to the human body. It may also happen if a human body is exposed to small doses of radiation for a very long time.

This sort of illness affects the immune system, cardiac system, and the nervous system. It also has adverse effects on the neurobehavioral system of a person. Although unlikely, effects on ocularity, genotoxicity, melatonin production, and epidemiological carcinogenesis may also happen.

What is the Verdict?

As far as scientists are concerned, there is no direct link of radiation sickness with the induction cooking stove system. Neither is anything similar connect to it. Moreover, it was recommended by the scientists since the conventional cooking stove system had the risks of heat stroke and burn injuries to its history.


From the whole discussion above, it is quite easily understood that all the fuss created about the adverse effects of the induction cooking stove system were a hoax. Thus, take a seat and wipe that band of sweat from your forehead. Gosh, stop worrying so much!

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Cookware

If we consider the vast range of cookware, ceramic cookware can be distinguished as one of the oldest and the newest cookwares in use. Since the dawn of civilization, human beings cooked food in clay and mud pots.

But, the question comes what are the significant criteria to consider while choosing ceramic cookware? This article will help you out to take the best decision while choosing one.

Ceramic cookware are of different types. For this, it makes the choosing process difficult. There are several factors to keep in mind while selecting ceramic cookware.

Before taking those into consideration, do check your budget. Because in most of the cases, the price of the cookware rises with quality. However, if you have fixed your budget and is willing to buy cookware of good quality with a higher price then, start considering other factors mentioned in this article.   

Factors to be Considered for the Right Ceramic Cookware

There is a wide range of factors to be considered while selecting the right ceramic cookware. These are discussed below:

Coating of the Cookware

It is one of the important aspects to keep under consideration. Coatings can be done on ceramic cookware using a wide range of metals, such as Aluminum, cast iron, etc. Stainless steel can also be used for the coating purpose that is cheaper.

It acts as a good choice for those who want to upgrade or, a coating at a lower price. Cast iron coating makes the cookware expensive.


The first and foremost thing you must consider is the coating of the ceramic cookware. The coating must be free of PFOA nonstick. PFOA is a chemical substance that helps the ceramics attain a non-stick quality.

It is scientifically proven that this chemical is hazardous to both human health and the environment. Though there’s no risk of this chemical to get exposed if you avoid cooking at very high heat, that’s because this chemical only gets released when it comes in contact with high heat.

There are some alternatives to the PFOA coated ceramic cookware that ensures similar nonstick features and also doesn’t have PFOA in them. They can be used at high temperatures. So, it is for your safety to choose ceramic cookware free of PFOA coating.

Production Quality

It depends upon the frequent use of your cookware that will indicate what type of ceramic cookware you should go for. If it’s for an industrial purpose, such as Cooking in restaurants then, you will need the best quality ceramic cookware.


Check the warranty that the manufacturers are willing to provide you. Most of the ceramic cookware having normal quality come with just a 1 year of warranty. However, it is not the factor to be considered in the decision-making process.

Rather, the thing that matters most is that, when a ceramic cookware manufacturer produces cookware of high quality, he will certainly give you a higher warranty without any fear of loss. You can go for another option in this case. That is, to read the customer reviews of that product that you are willing to buy.

Check Handles

Check the handles of the cookware before buying and ensure that, they are ergonomic.

It will help you to carry the cookware even when they are hot. Also, check for those cookwares that allows using metal utensils without doing any harm to the coating of the cookware.

Besides, if you have the habit of cleaning ceramic cookware with dishwasher then, pay attention to check for that feature as well. This is because most ceramic cookware doesn’t have this feature to wash with a dishwasher.

Oven Friendly

Be it for a regular basis or, for a particular occasion, you might feel the necessity to bake using your cookware. Thus, it is recommended for you to choose ceramic cookware that are oven friendly. This type of cookware can be used in the ovens easily and provides a good result.

Most of the ceramic cookware having lids are a bit complex to handle. Because not all the lids can withstand the heat that the cookware can.

Therefore, one must confirm the temperature withstanding capacity of the lid. The same case applies to the cookware as well. Confirm the cookware’s heat withstanding capacity and if it’s compatible with the heat capacity of the lid or, not.

Consider the Price

Many people find it tempting to choose ceramic cookware that is very cheap. But, always buying cheap products is not a wise decision to go for. Even if the cookware you selected is an expensive one, you should not mind for such spending because, in the end, it’ll be worth the cost by ensuring good quality.

Consider Ease of Cleaning

Ceramic cookware are easy to clean. But, the cleaning process might vary based upon the different models of the cookware. You should always go for that option which will require less effort in the maintenance of the cookware and will ensure functionality and good quality in the long run.

Find the Right Size and Quantity

Small sized cookwares are perfect enough for those who do not have to cook for a huge number of people. A small family can be such an example. On the other hand, if you live in a place with too many people, consider buying largely sized cookware.

Consider Design of Your Kitchen

Before selecting your ceramic cookware, focus on the look that you would like to achieve on your kitchen walls. You can start by considering the color or, the theme of your kitchen.

Also, think about the appearance of the kitchen that you’re gonna achieve with this cookware. Finally, decide between buying the cookware that ultimately matches the look of your kitchen.


Using ceramic cookware can be beneficial for you and your family. Because nonstick or, metal pans can expose you and your family members to some potentially hazardous chemicals. In this case, the use of ceramic products can be a good choice.