How to Choose the Right Ceramic Cookware

If we consider the vast range of cookware, ceramic cookware can be distinguished as one of the oldest and the newest cookwares in use. Since the dawn of civilization, human beings cooked food in clay and mud pots.

But, the question comes what are the significant criteria to consider while choosing ceramic cookware? This article will help you out to take the best decision while choosing one.

Ceramic cookware are of different types. For this, it makes the choosing process difficult. There are several factors to keep in mind while selecting ceramic cookware.

Before taking those into consideration, do check your budget. Because in most of the cases, the price of the cookware rises with quality. However, if you have fixed your budget and is willing to buy cookware of good quality with a higher price then, start considering other factors mentioned in this article.   

Factors to be Considered for the Right Ceramic Cookware

There is a wide range of factors to be considered while selecting the right ceramic cookware. These are discussed below:

Coating of the Cookware

It is one of the important aspects to keep under consideration. Coatings can be done on ceramic cookware using a wide range of metals, such as Aluminum, cast iron, etc. Stainless steel can also be used for the coating purpose that is cheaper.

It acts as a good choice for those who want to upgrade or, a coating at a lower price. Cast iron coating makes the cookware expensive.


The first and foremost thing you must consider is the coating of the ceramic cookware. The coating must be free of PFOA nonstick. PFOA is a chemical substance that helps the ceramics attain a non-stick quality.

It is scientifically proven that this chemical is hazardous to both human health and the environment. Though there’s no risk of this chemical to get exposed if you avoid cooking at very high heat, that’s because this chemical only gets released when it comes in contact with high heat.

There are some alternatives to the PFOA coated ceramic cookware that ensures similar nonstick features and also doesn’t have PFOA in them. They can be used at high temperatures. So, it is for your safety to choose ceramic cookware free of PFOA coating.

Production Quality

It depends upon the frequent use of your cookware that will indicate what type of ceramic cookware you should go for. If it’s for an industrial purpose, such as Cooking in restaurants then, you will need the best quality ceramic cookware.


Check the warranty that the manufacturers are willing to provide you. Most of the ceramic cookware having normal quality come with just a 1 year of warranty. However, it is not the factor to be considered in the decision-making process.

Rather, the thing that matters most is that, when a ceramic cookware manufacturer produces cookware of high quality, he will certainly give you a higher warranty without any fear of loss. You can go for another option in this case. That is, to read the customer reviews of that product that you are willing to buy.

Check Handles

Check the handles of the cookware before buying and ensure that, they are ergonomic.

It will help you to carry the cookware even when they are hot. Also, check for those cookwares that allows using metal utensils without doing any harm to the coating of the cookware.

Besides, if you have the habit of cleaning ceramic cookware with dishwasher then, pay attention to check for that feature as well. This is because most ceramic cookware doesn’t have this feature to wash with a dishwasher.

Oven Friendly

Be it for a regular basis or, for a particular occasion, you might feel the necessity to bake using your cookware. Thus, it is recommended for you to choose ceramic cookware that are oven friendly. This type of cookware can be used in the ovens easily and provides a good result.

Most of the ceramic cookware having lids are a bit complex to handle. Because not all the lids can withstand the heat that the cookware can.

Therefore, one must confirm the temperature withstanding capacity of the lid. The same case applies to the cookware as well. Confirm the cookware’s heat withstanding capacity and if it’s compatible with the heat capacity of the lid or, not.

Consider the Price

Many people find it tempting to choose ceramic cookware that is very cheap. But, always buying cheap products is not a wise decision to go for. Even if the cookware you selected is an expensive one, you should not mind for such spending because, in the end, it’ll be worth the cost by ensuring good quality.

Consider Ease of Cleaning

Ceramic cookware are easy to clean. But, the cleaning process might vary based upon the different models of the cookware. You should always go for that option which will require less effort in the maintenance of the cookware and will ensure functionality and good quality in the long run.

Find the Right Size and Quantity

Small sized cookwares are perfect enough for those who do not have to cook for a huge number of people. A small family can be such an example. On the other hand, if you live in a place with too many people, consider buying largely sized cookware.

Consider Design of Your Kitchen

Before selecting your ceramic cookware, focus on the look that you would like to achieve on your kitchen walls. You can start by considering the color or, the theme of your kitchen.

Also, think about the appearance of the kitchen that you’re gonna achieve with this cookware. Finally, decide between buying the cookware that ultimately matches the look of your kitchen.


Using ceramic cookware can be beneficial for you and your family. Because nonstick or, metal pans can expose you and your family members to some potentially hazardous chemicals. In this case, the use of ceramic products can be a good choice.